Friday, March 27, 2009

Why Do People Try?

We have a winner, y'all:

Phil Lauro

Information Technology Manager/Consultant

I leave a while and what happens?

Health and health insurance in the US are in a dismal state. President Obama would like to standardize health-related information to better the US System through BI leading to preventive measures while holding down the costs associated with treatment. It all starts with a data standard.

What strategy would you use to develop such a standard and what existing standards would you incorporate into the system? Please remember this must be a HIPPA compliant system by definition.


Ainandil Arambar
Clerk of Doom

The best solution to America's health care problem is to walk around with a baseball bat "downlifing" the sick people, as well as those who may be expected to get sick within a certain time frame.

Hope this helps,