Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Just Couldn't Help Myself

You're in for a treat, folks. Enjoy!


Edward Caulfield

Germany's Best Connected

Executive Search Professional

and Another Satisfied Customer

Where is the bottom? Only the vampire knows!

This last week has seen an uptick in the number of articles reporting light at the end of the tunnel. While very cautious in their statements, growing numbers of economists are saying that we MIGHT have hit bottom.

How do they know this? What is their measurment criteria? Everyone has their favorite measurement criteria and I have the Vampire Deal Indicator.

Let me know what you think.


The bottom would've been last week if not for the plague of "Ohmigosh! Can the market go any lower! The sky is falling!" yellow journalists that plague the Western World.

Unfortunately, consumers are too stupid to turn off the television, media companies are too greedy to stop producing doomsday content, and Jesus loves the poor more.

Hope this helps,


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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

JustBlogIt :: Firefox Add-ons

JustBlogIt :: Firefox Add-ons: "Updated August 27, 2006"

Well, there she is.

The cool thing about JustBlogIt, well, the first, is that you compose your message in raw, honest-to-Lynx HTML. No furries, no icons, no clickits, no stupids, just you, ASCII text, and whatever tags you can recall without viewing the source of a snazzy-pants page.

Guess I can make a table.With two columns.

That's all for now, kids.


Hey! You've had your vaccination, now check out something cool! Gems from the Underbelly -- geeky, witty, trendy.

Today’s Contestant Wins in Spades (and Hearts and Clubs and Diamonds)

Hi, everybody!  (Hi Dr. Nick!)

Today we’ve got one of My favorite flavors of dumb, for y’all to enjoy, chew, spit out, and tell your friends.  The problem with the Internet is that you can use it.  Yes, you, sitting on your vertical smile, reading this damned post.  Computers, the World Wide Web, and etc. have been dumbed down to the point that old people are on it.  This is a travesty, if not an outright crime against humanity, and today’s winner shows why:

Carol Fonde´

Fine Art Photographer/Master Color Printer

How do I cancel my account with Linked-In?

I have asked repeatedly...even called the corporate office to stop sending invitations from me to over 200 people to join Linked-In.
My next step, within 24 hours of this e-mail, if my account is not terminated, I will take legal action.

Quoth your humble servant:

Hi Carol,
The best way to leave is violently to pull the phone cord from the back of your DSL Router. Note that this will also liberate you from such societal plagues as Facebook, Google, online banking, and blogging.

Good luck with the lawsuit.

Hope this helps.


…as an aside, I am uninstalling Windows Live Writer, because the motherfucker can’t space paragraphs intelligently.  What.  The.  Fuck.