Thursday, August 28, 2008

Today's Winner

Is there a day trading (scalping) technique with proven success ratio ? is it available for FREE ?

Is there a SIMPLE day trading technique where one can scalp out 5-10 pips relatively safely ??
If yes, please provide....thanks

Clarification added 5 days ago:

This quest of mine (for the last 3 years) reminds me of Indian yogis who renunciate everything in pursuit of God realisation......

Clarification added 3 days ago:

If yes, please provide....thanks



Good question. I've had excellent results the past several years with a system of technical analysis derived from carefully scanning The Zohar. You'd better start by learning the Hebrew alphabet -- any good library will do ya. The Zohar may be found here:

You can find a free sample chart -- point of fact it's the one to which I refer daily -- for 2007-08 here:

However the above won't make a lick of sense to you unless you've read the Sepher Yetzirah -- here:

You will also need to pay attention to which signs of the zodiac Sol and Luna are in when you do your scanning.

TANSTAAFL. Thanks for playing.

-- Ainandil