Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Have No Joke, Folks

This is just unspeakably good Engrish. You're welcome.

Alain Jourdier

Passionate about marketing & communications strategy. You've got to know where the map is before starting the journey.

"Give a man a mask and he'll tell you the truth" said Oscar Wilde,
But in the digital age, is it more like "Give a man or woman the
Internet and he/she will tell you the truth?" What do you think?

Does the Internet have a "truthiness" factor or is it simply another
soap box? Does it really free us and our customers to be more
transparent, to figure what is solid and what is not? Or does it simply
reinforce what we already believe? Are marketers taking advantage of
the "truth" our clients tell us or are we simply armadillos who roll
into a ball and deny what's going on?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Couldn't Resist

Richard Kelleher, M.B.A.

Expertise in marketing, public and media relations. Journalist for AP, Denver Post, Arizona Republic.

What ever happened to Monster

Just looked at public relations jobs on Monster. Not a one is from a solid company. More like personnel firms.

Where can someone go to search for a PR job besides the professional organizations and

What do you use when listing?


I could be wrong about this -- there are gaps in my comic book
collection -- but I believe the Killer Tomatoes took out Monster in
Vol. XII, No. 37 of Amazing Stories. It might've been the Blob, though.

-- Ainandil

I had no choice.

DuQuan Bryant

Student at Saint John's University

What is the Illuminati and are thier messages the truth?

You don't want to go around inquiring about the Illuminati, my young friend. Many a good man has driven himself insane in the pursuit of the answers you seek. I offer instead the words of Hassan i Sabbah, founder of the Hashishim. "Nothing is true. Everything is permissible."

-- Ainandil Arambar

We Have a Winner

Phil Lauro

Information Technology Manager/Consultant

Your now in charge. What would you censor on LinkedIn?

Pointless, stupid, shoot-the-breeze-and-fritter-away-the-workday
questions, such as this one. Also, questions best answered by, say, Dr.
Laura Schlessinger or one's own minister, priest, rabbi, guru, swami,
roshi, shaman (did I miss any of 'em?) or less than one half milligram
of Common Goddamned Sense.

Also, every question with the word "green" in its title, unless they're talking about Crayolas.

You're welcome.

-- Ainandil

Monday, September 8, 2008

It *Is* Possible to Stump the Master

Bob Garrett

VP Oracle BP - invite me to connect at - 6000 1st level contacts

Anyone using Google Site?

What has been your experience?

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This is odd. I have no joke.

How Soon They Forget

Ari Bloch

India focused entreprenuer, business catalyst, technologist, inventor, and helpless Indophile (

Network usage while no programs are running? Why?

I have observed that over say a dialup connection, even when no
programs are running (email, browser, etc.), there is a lot of traffic
going in and out of the PC (you can see the Bytes Sent/Received just
adding up, to several MB/day even). Why is this happening and is there
a way to stop it and ensure that bandwidth is used only by relevant

The background of the question is to restrict bandwidth usage for
PCs connected with a modem to an ISP (i.e. no LAN) only to essential
programs so that bandwidth usage does not run up (and charges with it).

Also, is there a utility that I can use to see who/what is actually using how much bandwidth?


What you have observed is a perfectly normal phenomenon.

You didn't *really* think you could stop the troll who lives under the network from eating and sleeping, did you?

-- Ainandil

Another Satisfied Customer

Corporate Blogging / Facebook: Has your organization taken the next step in social media? If so, to what extent?

Asked by Nepal Patel ( Nepal Patel ( is a 3rd degree contact
| 19 hours ago in Public Relations, Personnel Policies | Open

Your public answer:

my business partner caught me on LinkedIn while the market is open, I'd
be kibbitzing at the end of a stout length of rope. Web logs are not
for corporations, they're not for businessmen, they're not for people
with day jobs, they're not for salesmen, they're not for the sane &
well-adjusted. In the main, they're a vehicle for narcissism and
disinformation. This is called "progress."

However -- appropriately used, online "new media" so-called can be a
very, very effective guerrilla marketing tool for the Small Guy. If
your product depends upon a deep, personal and emotional connection
with your customer, an online journal could be your bread and butter --
but you'll have to face yourself in the mirror each morning and ask
whether the loss of privacy is worth appeasing Mammon.

I have good news, however: there is a social medium for corporate
executives. It's called "golf."

-- Ainandil

Another Satisfied Customer

Sandra Palmer

Training Programmes Director at Marcus Evans

How does one organise a Launch Party?

For a small musical group too skint to have an agency, what are the steps towards organising a launch party? Is there a To Do List?

Many thanks for your suggestions!

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Well, Sandra, first you need several tens of billions of dollars, a
bunch of scientists, and a planetary satellite at which to aim...

-- Ainandil

Monday, September 1, 2008

Dumb Fights Back

Question Details:
Social Networking - Online Investing: How do these two overlap?

I am writing a feature article for the National Post on how Social Networking Tools interact more and more with the Online Investing Community.

I chime in with a . . .

On 8/26/08 8:02 AM, Ainandil Arambar wrote:

Don't be a fool. Taking advice from anonymous strangers on the Internet -- especially financial advice -- is for suckers.

If you'd to quote me, drop a line.

-- Ainandil


Some people do not learn. I heard back from homey:

Dear Ainandil,

When I ask a question, I invite arguments and opinions, not dogmatic insults. If you do a tiny bit of research you will find a vibrant industry developing around social networking for investing decisions. I do not think they are all fools and suckers. Not as much as following blindly the recommendations of investment banks that millions of shares in the stocks that they rate.

I'm going to forward to your brilliant reply to LinkedIn's customer service if I can.




Crybaby. He's telling on me, oh no!

Well, folks, you know me by now -- I just can't resist. I'm working up the right reply -- notes to follow. :)